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    We are dedicated to protecting the things you love most. Since 1897, we have been protecting your family, your business, and your future.


Hiring staff, completing  inventory, ordering supplies, payroll, accounting and so much more keep business owners on their toes!

The last thing anyone wants to deal with are insurance claims.

The following is a list of the top 10 property and liability claims against businesses from insurancejournal.com  that you will want to avoid!

Top 10 Property and Liability Claims

Most Common Most Costly
Burglary & Theft (20%) Reputational Harm ($50,000)
Water and Freezing Damage (15%) Vehicle Accident 3 ($45,000)
Wind and Hail Damage (15%) Fire($35,000)
Fire (10%) Product Liability ($35,000)
Customer Slip and Fall(10%) Customer Injury or Damage  ($30,000)
Customer Injury and Damage(Less than 5%) Wind and Hail Damage($26,000)
Product Liability(Less than 5 percent) Customer Slip and Fall ($20,000)
Struck by Object (Less than 5 percent) Water and Freezing Damage ($17,000)
Reputational Harm (Less than 5 percent) Struck by Object ($10,000)
Vehicle Accident (Less than 5 percent) Burglary and Theft ($8,000)


So many of these are avoidable claims and they can all be covered by business insurance.  It is important to first take stock of your current business insurance situation.  There is a possibility that you are under-insured against some of these common claims.  You may even find that in some areas you are over-insured!  You should also be sure to check the laws in Kentucky and Tennessee regarding workers’ compensation insurance, especially with higher risk businesses (such as agribusinesses or other businesses that use heavy machinery).

If you welcome customers to your office or store location, make sure that you have insurance coverage for both property and injury claims. Depending on your business, you may choose higher amounts of insurance coverage. Our knowledgeable agents at Higgins Insurance are happy to help you determine how much coverage you will need.

Don’t wait until you are dealing with an accident or insurance claim to look into the proper insurance.  Although sometimes a high premium may deter people from purchasing the correct amount of insurance,  you can lower the premium by selecting a higher deductible rate.

If you have questions about business insurance,  would like a business insurance quote,  or want to talk about your current rates, contact Higgins Insurance today! For your convenience, we have offices located in both Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Clarksville, Tennessee. Our team, at both locations, are ready to help with all of your business insurance needs. Call our toll free number (888) 457-2307 to set up an appointment.

At Higgins Insurance we are dedicated to protecting the things you love most. Since 1897, we have been protecting your family, your business, and your future. You can count on us!


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